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BookLikes Wish List - Things to improve and suggestions

As I've been using BookLikes, I've found tons of issues that need fixing or features that I'd like to have - I know BL has a thread already going but that's so unmanageable that I decided to create a post of my own.


Friends, followers and everybody else who sees this post - Feel free to comment and I'll add your new suggestions to the list. If you want to share with your followers, please don't reblog but post a link so people can comment on this thread and I can keep track of things. As BL fixes things, I'll keep updating the list and removing items.


Priority 1 (Urgent!)

- Unfollow conversations!!!!! 

- Link ratings in reviews and shelves: right now, if I change the rating on a review, it doesn't change it in my shelf!

- Rating when you mark the book as read is not working.

- We should be able to edit our reviews from our shelves without having to re-blog them. I have tons of old reviews which are a nightmare to edit.

- Ability to search shelves for books (ours and others). The current shelf search is not very intuitive and it should show me the books I have right on the shelf. For instance, I searched for the bookshelf and it showed me the same book twice but I don't know if I have it twice or if it just showed me two different editions.

- Link editions so reviews for one edition show on them all (Debbie).

- Add ability to comment when updating reading progress (Sherri).

- We should be able to just write in the date of our review instead of having to go through that calendar! (Right now, some of my reviews came with a 1969 date and I've had to go through the whole calendar to get to the right date.)

- Being able to edit the book details while on the review page (SoBe)


Priority 2 (Once the urgent things are taken care of)

- Keep our last settings - if I changed my shelf to 'table view', I'd like to have it in table view whenever I come back to check my shelves again.

- Ability to remove several books from a shelf at once - the current 'remove' feature, removes a book COMPLETELY.

- New themes

- Ability to add a link to 'just my reviews' added underneath Blog, Timeline, etc. (Debbie)

- Manage followers so the feed doesn't get clogged (Hottie Harem)

- Ability to 'like' or comment or reviews whether I'm following that person or not. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do it until you follow them and that post shows up in your feed (Kira.)


Priority 3 (nice to have but can wait)

- Our most popular tags should appear in our blogs so people can narrow their searches - this is most important for those of us who review lots of genres.

- Ability to mark reviews as private.

- Number comments so when we can refer to comment # if the thread is very large.

- Get email notifications with friends updates (SoBe).


Features I understand are in the works 

- PMs

- Groups


I'm sure I forgot something so now it's your turn!