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D.G. ~Shameless Reader~

Book blogger, audiobook lover and shamelessly honest reviewer. Mostly read fantasy, mystery, romance, UF and YA but all genres welcome.

Rating Criteria

Here's my rating criteria - thanks BL for the half stars! I've been wanting these for YEARS!


5 stars: Loved it! Emotions were engaged big time (laughed, cried, couldn't sleep, etc.) Just thinking about the book makes me happy and I'd like to re-read it one day.


4.5 stars: Amazing! Tight plot, interesting characters, thought-provoking.


4 stars: Great! Really enjoyed it. I'd like to meet these characters.


3.5 stars: Very good. Enjoyed it and found the book entertaining but didn't have a big emotional response.


3 stars: Most of the books I rate fall under this rating for a variety of reasons.

--- I found the book entertaining but nothing else

--- Good book but with major pet peeve

--- Inconsistent book - i.e. great characterization with mediocre/bizarre plots


2.5 stars: OK premise with big plot holes


2 stars: Didn't liked it, bored me, crazy premise, hated the main character.


1 star: Hated it! Cannot say one good thing about it