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Needs A LOT of work

Ravenous - Eden Summers

To review or not review? This is a conundrum that a lot of reviewers face when deciding what to do with ARCs we didn't like. Do we give a bad review to a book we got for free or just abstain from reviewing altogether? As much as it pains me to review in these situations (I'm human! For realz!) I feel my first responsibility is to share my feelings honestly. So if I read the book and I have something to say, I will share it even if it's not pretty.


Ravenous' conflict was pretty ridiculous, considering that it could have been solved with one heartfelt conversation. We never get to know the details of their early break-up, all we know is that Jesse left for the big city and left Erin heartbroken. But 8 years later, their feelings are strong as ever so when they meet again, they cannot help but get together again.


This supposed love was baffling because they didn't seem to know squat about each other. Erin didn't seem to understand how important it was for Jesse NOT to live in the country or even his talent in the kitchen. Jesse for his part, didn't work too hard to get her back, even though he supposedly never forgot her. Her reasons for staying weren't fully explained and those that were, didn't seem to matter at all at the end. If a couple who claims to love each other deeply breaks up, there must be a big obstacle or I just won't believe it.


So I'm not sure I recommend this, unless you want something short and steamy and don't care too much for the plot.


ARC provided by Netgalley and Escape Publishing in exchange for an honest review.