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Need to know more about Atticus!

Hammered - Kevin Hearne

I’ve enjoyed this series a lot: the mix of humor, action and mythology are lots of fun plus I also prefer men as main characters, especially if those books are told in the 1st person and I have to live in their heads. But something was missing in this book. I think we have reached a point where we need to know more about Atticus and I don’t see that coming. I’m not sure if this is intentional or if the author just hasn’t developed Atticus' past properly. This is a man who has lived for 2,000 years so after 3 books, I expect to know a lot more about his past than I do now.

At first I applauded Mr. Hearne’s decision to make Atticus a long-lived easy going guy because it’s clearly out of the norm. In fiction, most characters that have lived hundreds of years are broody, bored and melancholy because they have witnessed the deaths of loved ones. I was glad that Atticus was different but to believe it, I need to how he reached the conclusion that living in the moment was the best way to go on. There must be an explanation because most people would be out of their mind after so much loss but so far, Atticus doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. Worst, in this book he made the breezy assertion that he’s had at least 

25 children!!! WTF? Are we supposed to believe that men are uncaring beasts who don’t mind about losing the fruit of their loins?

(show spoiler)

If we are to believe and care about Atticus, we must have an explanation as to how he’s learn to cope with all that.

It also seemed to me that this book was an attempt to reach a bigger male audience. There was bathroom humor which I don’t remember from previous books and the male bonding situations continued. I don’t necessarily mind this but you can definitely feel the shift.

Luke Daniels was marvelous as usual. The editing/digital remastering was inconsistent though (some parts of the audio sounded different. his voice was deeper in some sections.)

I’m continuing with the series (I bought Tricked the day it came out) but I hope the author has us learn more about Atticus’ past. If it continues as it goes, I think I’ll treat this series as a funny diversion and stop expecting more.