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Mrs. Christie, you're a trickster

A Murder is Announced  - Agatha Christie

For some reason, I actually remembered lots of details about this book so in this audio re-read, my focus was on noticing how AC tricked me into not suspect the murderer and man...this woman was so freaking good planting those red herrings while giving you all the details.

As I'm reading the Miss Marple books pretty much in order, I've also noticed that the series always have an interesting vicar's wife. Sometimes they are zany, or eccentric but they definitely spice up the books. :)

This narrator had a wonderful touch with the women, specially with the old ladies but she was missing something with the men, who sometimes sounded all alike. Also, I felt that the voice of Miss Marple wasn't consistent throughout the book, I don't know if this due to interpretation or if the narrator really lost the character along the way.

The editing in the narration was dreadful as if somebody did it in their basement and not in a professional studio. You could REALLY hear the cuts and this were really jarring, specially when they happened in the middle of a speech.