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DNF - My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake - Chelsea M. Cameron


I can't take it anymore. This girl is too freaking childish, nasty, abusive, selfish, angry, violent, nosy, and a man hater too boot. Having a childhood trauma DOES NOT give you the right to hit people or to have violent temper tantrums. By that logic, we should all forgive Hitler because he was an abused child.

I can read about people I don't like if at least they learn from their mistakes or acknowledge when they are wrong. This girl (she's not a woman) does nothing of the sort (at least till the third of the book). After she hits Hunter in the face AND balls for being a jerk, she's actually proud of the fact. How could you be proud of punching a person who won't punch you back? Anybody can do that. Punch a guy that will retaliate and THEN you can be proud that you stood on your own (even if you lose a few teeth in the process.)

NOTE TO WOMEN: The only reason you should use violence against a man if if you are defending your person. Hitting a man to settle an argument or because he was "mean to you" does NOT show you as an adult woman but as a little girl who resorts to violence when she cannot get her way.

Hunter wasn't very appealing either. Sometimes he would touch her in the ass when she had clearly told him not to. I also thought it was creepy that he slept naked. If I had to sleep in the same room with a guy I've never met, I would require him sleeping in his boxers at least.

Maybe somebody could like this but this was definitely NOT for me.