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DNF Rant Review: The Shack

The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity - Wm. Paul Young, Roger Mueller

I usually don't rate books I DNF but after I suffered through almost a 1/3 of this book, I think I have the right.

Despite the pompous subtitle and the fact that I'm a non believer, the description of this book interested me. I expected an emotional story where a man confronts God and demands answers for what happened to his daughter. I knew this book was Christian Fiction so I was sure that at the end the man would reconcile with God but I didn't expect the book to be so maudlin and preachy.

I listened to the audiobook and the first thing that jarred me was that the narrator was too perky for the story. I expected the main character to be depressed, angry, tormented and broken but instead, we get a chirpy guy that's sad occasionally. NOT what I would expect from a man who's daughter was abducted and (possibly) killed (her body was never found so we don't know for sure.)

The first chapters were incredibly boring with a lot of God name dropping. I felt some real emotion when he was reliving the moments after the abduction and I was getting really excited that the 'good' part was coming. Finally! He was meeting God in the shack.

The first thing God did? He transformed the shack! As if by magic, the desolate, run down, dark, cold place transformed in a gorgeous place out of storybook. What.The.Hell. I guess it wouldn't do for the Holy Trinity to stay in a run down place.

Then we meet the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit) who look like a poster for the United Nations (Black, Mediterranean, Asian.) Then we hear all sorts of saccharine pronouncements, over the top actions (the Holy Spirit collects tears...give me a break) and when Jesus said he was 'Hebrew' (I guess a lot of the readers would have objected if he had been called Jewish), that's when I had enough. I'm really not interested in how the story would end because given how things are working out, I'm sure it would be something that would allow the father to get some closure (which is big time BS because if there's something parents never get closure, it's the murder of a child.)