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Immature Heroines Suck

Urban Shaman - C.E. Murphy

Finally! It's over!

I can't remember the last time I got so annoyed with a heroine. Oh yes...I can! It was a couple of days ago when I was DNFed Heart of Stone, a book by this same author. It's clear that this author's ideas and mine don't match so this is the last book I'll read by her. (I finished this one because it fits two challenges I'm doing. Otherwise, I would have dnfed it too.)

The first thing that struck me about Urban Shaman was the similarities between Joanne and Mercy Thompson: both are half Native American, half Caucasian female mechanics. This book was actually published before Moon Called so I'm not accusing the author of plagiarizing, but it rubbed me wrong from the beginning.

But the similarities end there. Joanne is 27 going on 13, the kind of woman that thinks that infuriating people who have serious responsibilities is 'fun'. Her relationship with her boss seemed like that of a teenager with her principal. She was constantly doing dumb stuff and being called to his office while he yelled at her - I imagined her blowing a bubble and saying 'whatever.' I don't know if the author planned this to be a romantic relationship (there were a few hints) but she just acted so immature that you wonder why a man in his position would be interested in her.

The world was interesting but super convoluted. Joanne gained very sophisticated powers overnight and was able to figure out what to do just by using cars analogies. Every crazy thing that she was able to do didn't feel exciting but unbelievable. It's like a person who can't ride a bike one day but the next is piloting flyer jets for the US government. I mean really!

The tie with the Police Department and all those characters was completely unnecessary. She was able to do some crazy shit on her own so I'm sure she would have been able to figure out all the info needed in other ways.

The best part of the book was Gary but it's not enough for me to continue reading this.