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Really rough ending

The Deep Blue Good-by: A Travis McGee Novel - John D. MacDonald

I purchased this audiobook only because it was narrated by Robert Petkoff, one of my favorite narrators. I knew absolutely nothing about this series but as I read mysteries too, I figured I should give it a shot.

The Deep Blue Good-by is not a mystery per se, but more of an investigation in which Travis McGee is charged with recovering some stolen property from a very nasty character who likes to rape women. The story moves along as Travis encounters all sorts of different women this character has roughened up/raped and uncovers clues as to what exactly this guy stole.

Travis has a certain way of describing people that seems to go to the root of their character. Sometimes his descriptions seem presumptuous and sometimes they really damn insightful. Sometimes I didn't like him; he has a beef with the modern world that can get ranty at times but at heart, he's a rough man with a streak of gentleness, specially towards those he sees as innocent.

Robert Petkoff was (of course) awesome with the narration. He sounded so different than in the IAD books (only his women sounded sort of alike). Travis' voice conveyed that roughness and bitterness that sometimes you could feel infused his character.

The end of this book was rough. While I was listening, I didn't think I wanted to continue the series but now I'm not so sure. I'm curious about Trav's background so maybe I'll read the second one and see how it goes.