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Really light on plot

Sins of a Wicked Duke - Sophie Jordan

This book was really light on plot. The author tried to make it a bit angsty with a tormented hero and a cross dressing heroine but neither plot was developed properly so we end up with a story full of cliches that it's not satisfying.

Both main characters had tough childhoods, her in a terrible school (reminded me of the one Jane Eyre attended, with no food and girls dying left and right) and him with a vicar grandfather that hired a sadist governess to raise him. While the hero was completely destroyed by this - he goes around saying how he's numb and doesn't feel anything - the heroine still has gumption. Even though she's too tall and not attractive, men keep trying to molest her and she keeps getting fired from her jobs in service. That's when she gets the idea of dressing up as a man.

The heroine took to cross dressing like a fish to water. Yes, she's tall and at least her breast weren't big but it's not explained how she was able to fool everybody overnight, specially when she's never dressed as a man before.

The hero for his part, is supposed to be an artist (how you can be an artist without feeling anything, I don't know) but this wasn't explored either. There's never even ONE scene with him painting so I don't know how this added anything to this personality.

The narration was adequate although I thought that her voice for Francis (that's Fallon in her manly disguise) was pretty much the same as when she acted as a woman. It was a bit deliberate so I had it in 2x speed most of the time.

I didn't see any chemistry between the characters and I don't know how they fell in love. Neither was particularly special or memorable.

Definitely NOT continuing the series or reading this author again.