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Rant Review: Succubus On Top

Succubus On Top  - Richelle Mead

I didn't like Georgina in the first book but I liked Seth well enough that I wanted to give it another try. In a sense, I'm glad I did because now I definitely know Georgina is not the kind of heroine I'd ever get behind. To paraphrase Dickens, these pages didn't show Georgina as the hero of her own life, in fact, they showed her as the villain.

You see, Georgina is how imagine people like Bernie Maddoff must be like. Not the kind that makes one big mistake and learns from it, but the weak, selfish and self-serving type that does bad things every day but keeps justifying it. They don't stand for anything and prefer to harm millions of others with their actions. They think that doing evil deeds doesn't make them bad people, that filling guilty or having rare pangs of conscience makes up for their behavior. IT DOESN'T. They are pieces of shit who always take the easy way out.

Believe it or not, the fact that she was 'doing her job' while being with Seth didn't bother me as much because he was fine with that. I hate the 'I can't be with you for your own good' plot and I'm glad that Georgina accepted Seth's decision. I thought it was weird - Seth seemed to good to be true - but I took that as face value. I felt a little creeped out reading about her escapades (she seemed like a reluctant prostitute doing her job) but whatever. However, she showed her true colors with the Bastian episode. She knew it was wrong but couldn't say no (the justification: we evil people are not used to denying ourselves.) I couldn't believe that she would do the same thing that first destroyed her marriage! Doesn't this woman ever learn? Or are her masochists' tendencies so overdeveloped that she thought that she needed Seth's punishment in lieu of her husband's? Does she think this would make it alright?

And I like how she pulls the 'evil' people card when it suits her. I think I would respect her more if she truly enjoyed damning people but it clear she doesn't. But instead of being strong enough to try to find a way around it, she does her job in her merry way and then pretends to feel bad about it now and then.

At the end though, what made me despise was when she resorted to drugs (that ambrosia was pretty much like a drug) to resolve a freaking problem at work! As always, she took the easy way out! (I've never worked in a bookstore and I think I could have found a way around her problem without taking drugs.) Instead of finding a solution by herself and maybe dealing with a mistake as a professional would have, she took the ambrosia because she needed to prove to herself that her only talent wasn't sucking c*ck. Poor little Georgina, so lacking of confidence that she needs drugs to bolster her ego. Boohoo! And even worse, she gave it to a person who she knew could be hurt by it! How would she know that Jodi wouldn't become addicted at once? It freaking happens!!!

I like characters that learn from their mistakes and do the right thing even when it's hard to do. It's obvious that Georgina is not this type. I feel sorry for Seth but I'm not willing to be in Georgina's head even for him. Right now, I feel like I should wash my brain with bleach, she made me feel so disgusted.