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Pirate turned corporate raider fae lord? Yikes!

Motor City Witch - Cindy Spencer Pape

This book was so bland and run of the mill, with like a million uninteresting characters and a silly blend of romance tropes that made me laugh like crazy.

Our hero, Aidan is a pirate turned corporate raider Fae Lord. *snorts*. He's lived more than 1,000 years but when he finds the "only woman he's ever loved", he's too busy with other stuff and lets her go without a fight. The heroine, Elise, is also supposedly deeply in love but doesn't try to work with Aidan on their issues. Neither ever mentions their feelings so each is left with the thought that the other doesn't love them.

As you can see, neither character act as if they are really in love. If you really love a person, you should put your love ahead of your pride and let them know how you feel and don't give up at the first opportunity.

The murky issue of Dina's paternity is the author's way of having a secret baby plot without blaming Elise. All I can say is that it didn't work.

Most of the plot was spent rehashing what happened in the first book and introducing so many characters that it was impossible to determine who was who. The seemingly insurmountable problems that separated these two in the first place weren't even an issue now so that tells you that if only they had talked a bit, these could all have been avoided.

The narration was good. I'll listen to another book narrated by Gabra Zackman but definitely not continuing this series.