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Audiobook Review: Love in the Afternoon

Love in the Afternoon - Alison Packard

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in all the time I've been reading romance, I've never read one with a soap opera setting. Both the hero and heroine of Love in the Afternoon are soap opera actors, living in L.A. Their lives intertwine as the characters they play on screen are paired up as a couple and a lot of the action happens around the taping of the soap opera.

Both Sean and Kayla have swore off dating other actors but from the beginning, their chemistry is off the charts. Both were likeable characters if a bit too wholesome for Hollywood - specially Sean who I thought was a bit too homey for a hot, popular actor.

Although I enjoyed the setting, I thought the author took it a bit too far. There were just too many discussions of Jared and Shay (the soap opera characters) and some scenes were performed more than once, which made for boring parts. The author also stretched the sexual tension past the peak, most likely because she was trying to mimic the teasing that usually happens in soaps. It just seemed very unlikely that too people that had the hots for each other in such a way would kiss and leave it a that, specially when they were alone.

Sean's character needed more development. We knew very little of his past relationships - except that some women dated him to meet his father - and almost nothing of his acting besides what he did in the soap opera. I could not believe that a talented actor (as he was portrayed) would be happy to play the same character all his life, specially when he had other options.

The stalker plot was totally ridiculous and the resolution was stupid. I suggest this author to stay away from suspense plots until she figures out how to incorporate it more seamlessly with the romance plot.

This was my first narration by Gia St. Claire and she did a good job. Some of her male characters sounded alike but in general her narration was pleasant, her pacing was adequate and the emotions were there.

Matt's story played such a big part in this book that I don't doubt his book is coming next (note to the author: division rivals rarely trade among themselves.) I'm looking forward to it.