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Audiobook Review: Fatal Affair

Fatal Affair  - Marie Force

Fatal Affair started great. The mystery was multi-layered with a complex victim. Most of the time in mysteries/romantic suspense, murdered people are just bodies and the reader rarely gets to see them as real people with virtues and vices. Not in this one. The friends and family of the murdered Senator showed real grief at his passing and it was wonderful to see Nick, the hero, being overwhelmed by the murder of his best friend.

But around a third of the way in, the story became dragging and boring. At this point, the focus was on the investigation and we had to see every single interview Sam (the heroine) conducted and her pushing around all the witnesses. Worse, the relationship between her and Nick jumped from non-existent to her telling him (over and over and over) how they couldn't be together while she was on the case. It seemed unbelievable to me that a man in his position wouldn't understand the issues of a detective getting together with a material witness.

Then when it seemed as if there was some headway in the investigation, the focus switched to Sam's myriad issues. A stalking first husband, a couple of health problems, several work related controversies including a previous case gone horribly wrong plus her relationship with Nick. She should have been pulled off the case so fast but everybody kept giving her chances and chances. And the constants pats on the back!! Every two seconds somebody would mention what a great cop Sam was, how insightful, blah, blah, blah. It was maddening.

Her relationship with Nick was so sugary and maudlin. They confessed their love really fast and every other minute were giving declarations of undying love *roll eyes* or fighting because she felt she had to call all the shots.

At the end, the solution to the murder was rushed with several more bodies thrown in just for kicks - which btw, Sam didn't pay as much attention and she should have.

The narration was good but I had to speed it up at around 1/3 in. I don't blame the narration, just the slow pace of the story.

Even though I had problems with this book, I was considering checking out the rest of the series until I learned the rest of the books feature the same couple! I didn't like Sam enough to be in her head so much.