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Hexed (The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Two)

Hexed - Kevin Hearne **4.5 stars**I want to marry (read: have sex with) Atticus and have his Druid babies.You see, Atticus is my kind of man. He’s smart, well-educated, well-spoken, with a sense of humor, caring, loyal to his friends, irreverent and tough but with enough confidence that he doesn’t have to go around posturing. He also communes with the Earth and is a great cook. What’s not to like? (He’s a redhead and pale but hey, nobody’s perfect.)I loved this book. It was full of non-stop action and a lot of humor. The author was definitely on a roll when he wrote this one because some stuff just came out of left field and left me howling with laughter.The narrator for this audiobook - Luke Daniels - is now one of my favorite narrators. I just can't imagine enjoying this series any other way - he's ruined me for all others! :p All the voices are distinct; the emotions are on point (you can hear Atticus’ smile when he’s talking to Oberon) and the accents are very good. I recommend this series in audio to anybody that is looking to try an audiobook for the first time.I usually don’t read books in a series back to back but I enjoyed this book sooo much that I was tempted to start Hammered right away. If I didn’t, it’s because I know that Tricked (the 4th book in the series) is due next year and I don’t know what will I do if I have to wait 6 months for my next Atticus fix. :)