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Too many side plots!

Desired - Nicola Cornick

Desired was one of those books that would have been way better if it hadn't been chock full of unnecessary side plots. Both main characters needed at least 80 years to live everything that supposedly happened to them.

Owen is an American who had been in the Navy, fought against the British in some war, became a privateer, then an explorer, then fought FOR the British in the Napoleonic Wars once he inherited an impoverished Viscountcy. While all this was going on, he also found time to defend the heroine's sister against an evil husband.(!)

Tess is a "scandalous" widow, thrice married, who also fights for political causes with her pen. She has proposed to all her husbands (no explanation as to why) and her past involves drug abuse and gambling. She's also being blackmailed by a guy in one end and suspected of radicalism in the other while an exhibit of her naked paintings are the talk of town. She also has problems with intimacy. (!)

In addition to all this unnecessary non-sense, there were explanations as to what happened in previous books in the series (which I haven't read.) No wonder this book was so convoluted.

With that series name, I was expecting a raunchy read but nothing of the sort. Encounters between Owen and Tess were on the sweet side and her problem with intimacy was resolved overnight. I really liked that that they got to know each other while they were courting so you could believe they had fallen in love. But I really disliked how Tess behaved so stupidly at times, with absolutely no thought for the consequences.

The narration was very well done and probably the reason why I finished the book. Not sure I recommend it though.