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Audiobook Review: Bayou Moon

Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews

There was something missing in Bayou Moon. It was just too similar to the first book but with a million uninteresting characters that got way too much playtime.

I didn't feel Cerise or the relationship with William. She was just a watered down copy of Rose: kick-ass, poor, fighting for her family and with a past relationship that left her disillusioned. William was really different from Declan - which was a good thing - and I liked how his animal nature prevented him from understanding social cues. I could understand him falling for Cerise but besides him being hot, I didn't believe that she'd fall for him.

I think the authors used Cerise's large family to disguise how similar she was to Rose but it just made the book boring. There were too many discussions with the family, too many situations that really didn't bring anything to the story - the business of the eel was ridiculous. All the cries of - we have to fight to save the family! - got tired after the gazillion time and specially because the way it ended. Couldn't have they thought of that in the first place? There was no reason to fight Spider!

I figured out what it is I don't like about Renee Raudman's narrations: how strongly she pronounces the S's. When a word ends with s, it seems as if she adds a couple of S's at the end just for good measure, which makes her sound like a snake. This was particular strong in this narration because of the heroine's name.

Something else I didn't like about the narration was how Ms. Raudman would change the voice of the omniscient narrator depending on the POV. This was maddening, specially in the case of the villain, who had a really unctuous voice. I had to speed up the narration 3x (yes, 3 times the speed) just to get past these sections.

I'm not sure if I'll read the next book because I don't care for the Mar family and the hero is a Mar. But even if I do, I think I'll switch to print for the remainder of the books.