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Lukewarm romance

Blue Dahlia (In The Garden #1) - Nora Roberts

Like the Bride Quartet, this book is more about women running a business and their friendship. Even the ghost was more important than the romance, which was lukewarm and not very exciting. I never got the impression that the hero and heroine even liked each other, so I'm not sure how they fell in love.

I'm not that interested in gardens so all the talk about plants bored me to death. If I had liked the main character, maybe I could have enjoyed the book more, but Stella was a control freak who didn't understand how people could be different from her. Half the time I wanted to kill her.

The narration was very good. Characters were distinct and the male voices were adequate. I'd definite listen something else by this narrator.

I may continue the series because I liked Roz and Hayley (the heroines of the next two books) but I'll definitely wait a while to read them. I don't know that I can stomach any more talk of plants.