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Great YA book about love, trust and redemption

Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry) - Simone Elkeles

I loved the first book in the series soo much that I wasn't sure I wanted to try Rules of Attraction. I knew it couldn't be as good so I was wondering, why try? But I'm really glad I changed my mind. Although it didn't have the magic of Perfect Chemistry, it was still a wonderful book about love, trust and redemption.

This author really has a way writing about love between young people. Again, I found myself fighting smiles because they were so freaking cute even though Carlos annoyed me most of the book. He had a HUGE chip on his shoulder and he was tiresome at times but he was very real. How many young people in trouble decide to act up to prove that they don't need anybody when in fact, they are just afraid nobody will ever accept them and love them?

More than the romance, I found myself loving the secondary characters. Westford (Kiara’s father) was just a great person. Usually in YA, adults are not part of the picture (unless they are bad, annoying parents) so I was glad to see a portrayal about really good people that cared about their family and others. Brandon in particular was so cute, and you could see that he was so cheerful and loving because that’s what he knew and just by being himself, he showed Carlos what it was to grow up safe and cared for.

Like with the first book, Blas and Roxanne did a great job with the narration (oh Blas!) so I'll be sure to listen to the last book in the trilogy.