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Holy Moses!

Dead Run - P.J. Tracy

This book was incredible.

The story brings back all the characters from the first book in the series: the Monkeewrench crew, Leo & Gino from the Minneapolis Police Dept. plus the three Wisconsin law enforcement officers: Sharon, Halloran and Bonar. The plot is also a departure from the previous books in the series and instead of a mystery, we got a thriller-suspense with bad guys chasing some of the main characters while the clock was ticking. The plot was so exciting that I was at the edge of my seat the whole time - I kept waking up in the middle of the night, thinking there was something I could do to help these women. This book affected me in such a way, that even though I knew that most likely they weren't going to die, they were in so much danger that I was afraid for their lives the whole time.

I thoroughly liked how everybody had their time to shine...even Charlie and the RV! I also love how the author has created such an amazing character in Angela, even though she's never present. You see, this book is full of violence and f*cked up people but Gino & Angela are a firm example of everything that's good in this world, a ray of hope that things can be better. And isn't that an amazing thing?

In most mysteries, the dead people are just an excuse for the plot so we almost never get to know them as a real people that feel and breathe, but not in this book. Here we got to know a lot of the people that died (and the body count was high.) That meant of course that reading about these deaths was really painful but without it, I don't think the reader could really feel the scope of the tragedy.

A recurring theme from the last book in this series was "when people take the law in their hands." It was sobering to see the thought process of the bad guys and how they thought they were doing the right thing.

As usual Buck Schirner did an amazing job with the narration. I think I'll switch to print for the next book because I know he won't be the narrator.

Overall, a really amazing series and one I wholeheartedly recommend.