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Obsessed with the narration

Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night (Immortals After Dark #4) - Robert Petkoff, Kresley Cole

**3 stars for the story plus 1 bonus star for narration**

I rarely read series books back to back but I was so obsessed with the narration that I couldn't wait any longer. I'm really glad the rest of the audiobooks in the series haven't been produced yet because I would probably be tempted to listen them all!

Anyways, this story is very similar to the previous ones: man chases woman because he thinks she's his mate while the woman doesn't want anything to do with the guy, blah, blah, blah. But unlike the other books, the hero thinks the heroine (a witch) has enchanted him because he had already had a mate (who died) and men of his kind only get to have one. Regardless, he figures he should follow along because it's like he's getting a second chance.

Bowen is really conflicted about his feelings for Mariketa, feeling disloyal to Mariah, his dead mate. I really enjoyed this part of the plot and was pleasantly surprised at how that was ultimately resolved. I only wished the author would have taken this chance to build a book that was a bit different than the others with the heroine chasing the hero for once. She had material to create such a plot.

But my reason to picking this book wasn't really the story but the narration. The voice for Bowen was scrumptious, specially when he was in a charming frame of mind. The first time I heard him, my feelings were very similar to Carrow's:

"Oh great Hekate, is that his voice?" Carrow cried "I just had an orgasm."

I'm still just 'meh' on the series but I'll definitely keep listening as long as Mr. Petkoff is the narrator.