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Started cute ended up rambling

Wallbanger  - Alice Clayton, Heather Smith

Wallbanger started with a bang (so to speak) with really funny scenes that made me laugh out loud (Oh Purina!) But then it went from cute, to full of drama and hysterics, to maudlin, to rambling. I think it really needed some editing because the author has talent but she beat some jokes to death. Who wants to repeatedly read long winded metaphors about cliffs when people are getting it on?Like most chick-lit, Wallbanger is a humorous story, told in the first person, of a career woman living in an urban environment. The romance is way stronger and steamier than usual in chick-lit though. There are very graphic scenes but they are mostly towards the end. Unlike most chick-lit heroines who tend to be screw-ups, Caroline almost has it all, except no boyfriend (she’s happy with that) and no ‘O’ (definitely NOT happy about this.) There’s a LOT of mention of ‘O’ in the book and Caroline’s woes at not finding it.


Caroline’s and Simon’s conversations are so full of innuendo that it’s overdone. In my experience, innuendo is like hot chili peppers: a little bit goes a long way. A few chosen phrases make life spicy, too much and you’re desensitized and the effect is lost.

I’ve heard this book started as Twilight Fan Fiction but I didn’t see any similarities in either the plot or the characters, besides the fact that Caroline and Simon meet when she moves to a new place and that they get together at the end. Simon Wallbanger couldn’t be more different from asexual Edward (he wasn’t very interested in women before Bella), and confident Caroline is the opposite from awkward Bella. There was no stalking or sneaking into Caroline’s bedroom to watch her sleep. If this started as a Twi Fan Fic, it morphed into something completely different (you’ll decide whether that’s a plus or minus in your book.)

I listened to the audio which seemed incredibly long at almost 14 hours. It felt interminable - which was weird because the narrator went at a good pace. If I sped it up, it seemed too fast so I had to take it at normal speed.

Recommended if you’re looking for a steamy read that will make you laugh but better to pick it up in print.