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Cheesy but still enjoyable

Untouchable (Immortals After Dark #8) - Kresley Cole

What a bounty of cheesy goodness!

Everybody and their dog knows I listen to this series because I like the narration. As usual, Robert Petkoff was all out and I love him for it! I just wish the plot would make the narration justice.

The plot in this book differed from the rest of the series - instead of him chasing her, SHE wanted the relationship while he wasn't very crazy about the fated mates business. But after a while, their relationship devolved into a lot of fighting and I didn't see how they fell in love. This story seemed more of an excuse to rehash what happened in the series and introduce new characters (that Jodian (sp?) has 'future hero!' written all over him.)

I laughed a lot with the love scenes - I know I'm not supposed to, but some of them were super cheesy and that epilogue was so sugary!

Even if the romance wasn't satisfactory, I still got a lot of enjoyment out of this audio. Hopefully the next book is better plot wise.