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MC not kick ass enough

The Inside Ring  - Scott Brick, Mike Lawson

I had several problems with this book but my main issue was that I couldn't suspend disbelief. So the head of Homeland Security gets a note warning that something will happen to the President and he lets himself be convinced to do nothing? Worse, nobody takes the note seriously even after an assassination attempt? Please!

I liked DeMarco very much but I didn't like that he couldn't take care of business. Kicking ass wasn't his superpower (like Reacher, John Rain or Jason Bourne) so when he was confronted with really bad guys, he was horribly outmatched. When I read thrillers, I like to know the bad guys will be getting their comeuppance and the hero will be the one delivering it, not that he will be constantly praying, hoping to get out their clutches.I figured out early on the reason for the assassination attempt (classic Agatha Christie...look at what really happened not what it seemed it happened) so it was TOTALLY CRAZY for the villains to go that extent. There were probably like a million easier ways for them to get the same result.

The villain was so villainous that he was caricature. Whatever evil deeds you imagine, the evil guy did it. And I'm to believe that nobody plugged him in the back of his head in 30 years? C'mon!

This is my first time listening to Scott Brick and he did a great job with the narration. DeMarco's New York accent was subtle but there, so that I knew after a few minutes of hearing him, where he came from.

Not continuing the series but I definitely hope to listen to another book by Scott Brick again.