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Best YA romance I’ve read

Perfect Chemistry (Audio CD's) - Simone Elkeles, Roxanne Hernandez,  Blas Kisic

Perfect Chemistry is, without a doubt, the best YA romance I’ve ever read. It was real, emotional, powerful, tender, romantic and sexy without being graphic. Half the time I was fighting smiles (they were so cute together) or tears. I read a lot of romance but I’ve seldom seen a couple that was more right for each other than Alex and Brittany. These are not your usual teenage self-involved characters that scream, me, me, me. They were both great people with BIG problems and I was in awe at their strength and tenacity to confront those problems.

This book touched me so much because I could identify myself with both characters. Like Alex, I’m a Hispanic in love with a white person who despite the differences is “more like me than anybody I’ve ever met.” At the beginning of our relationship, I always wondered what he would make of my family and the differences in culture because like Alex said: ‘our food is spicy, our families are big and close and we like to dance to music that make our bodies move.” Then like Brittany, I had a mother that expected perfection from me in grades, looks and behavior. That’s a big burden to carry and I admired Brittany so much for confronting her parents about it. I wish I had her strength when I was a teenager.

Even Mrs. P. reminded of a teacher I know: my husband. He loves his students and is always encouraging them to think and be the best they can be. I know he makes a difference every day of his life and reading about somebody like him made me realize that all of us, in a small way, can make the world better.

I had some issues with the plot, namely that Alex trying to find his father’s killer seemed to be forced and the end was a bit mushy. But those things weren’t enough to mar my great enjoyment of the book.

The audiobook is amazing, amazing. Roxanne Hernandez and Blas Kisic did a great job (Blas reads the Alex chapters, and Roxanne reads Brittany's) but Blas’ portrayal of Alex was exquisite. He sounded young, tough, smart and vulnerable. His English is very good but with a noticeable Spanish accent (the gs at the end of words like 'singing' etc. were very strong...I wonder if I sound like that) and his voice and tone was a great contrast with Brittany’s (which I think helped to underscore their apparent differences.) I even liked when he would start the chapters and he would say 'Alex' in that sort of impatient, tough guy tone. (Yes, I'm in lurrrve!)

(Blas, ¿Quieres casarte conmigo? I’m not a good housewife and I can't cook much but I have other qualities that compensate. If you don’t want to marry me or don’t feel like fighting with my husband for the right to love me, at least call me every night and just say ‘mamacita.’ That’ll make me happy for life.)

Blas doesn’t seem to have a lot of experience with narrations but I think that worked in his favor because he sounded so young at times. The love scenes (which most of the time involved just kissing and some petting) were so full of emotion...and you could feel him getting worked up - I don't know if he was just embarrassed or he's just a great actor but he didn't sound controlled or rehearsed.

One of my favorite scenes is when they are about to kiss for the first time:

"And no tongue", she adds.

"Mi vida! If I kiss you, I guarantee there is gonna be tongue."

The way he says it, it's priceless, like he couldn't believe she was asking that.

Overall, this is an amazing read and if you’ve never listened an audiobook and would like to try one, this is a great place to start (just remember that Blas is mine.:)