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If you ever want to give up, please read this book

The Ditchdigger's Daughters - Yvonne S. Thornton, Jo Coudert

After reading what this family accomplished after suffering both racial and gender discrimination most of their lives, I know I will be thinking of them anytime I want to complain or feel like I quit without trying.

The story reads quickly and is both touching and engaging. I agree with other reviewers that the first part – when the family was together and Mr. Thornton was at the realm - was more interesting but I liked how Dr. Thornton talked about her journey to becoming an Obstetrician and how many obstacles she had to face because she was both a woman and black.

Mr. Thornton’s way of empowering his daughters through education reminded me of my own mother. She always emphasized the necessity of an education if I was to be independent. I’ve always known that she’s had a deep influence in me but it wasn’t as clear how much until I read this book. I never had to work as hard as the Thornton sisters (thank God! I don’t know how those poor children managed!) but when I was growing up, I never doubted even for a second that I was going to college, which wasn’t the norm in the poor Dominican town where I lived most of my childhood.

The narrator was very good although sometimes she would have problems pronouncing certain words, especially medical terms. This didn’t mar my enjoyment of the book though because those occasions were few and far between.