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Childish heroine

Bed of Roses (Bride Quartet #2) - Angela Dawe, Nora Roberts

This book's rating went down to 2 stars in the last 50 pages because of the heroine’s childish behavior.

Here's a perfect example of what NOT to do if you want to have a lasting relationship with a man. No matter what Nora Roberts says, no man worth his salt would have a woman acting like this heroine and then believe it was his fault. He would instead thank his lucky stars he got rid of a maniac and move on.

The bigger issue with this book was that there was no conflict. For hundreds of pages everybody is cruising along: perfect weddings, perfect friends, perfect dates, perfect family, perfect looks, perfect everything, so to create a conflict in the last part of the book, the author just had the heroine acting like an immature baby. But this happened so close to the end that the most expedient way to solve the issue was for the hero to take the blame for the heroine’s crazy expectations and have everybody agree that he was a moron, which was not the case.

So what was this horrible thing the hero did that sent the heroine into paroxysms of despair? (Brace yourself because you won’t believe it). He didn’t give her a key to his apartment and wasn’t nice to her after he had a bad day. (No, I’m not making it up.) And it wasn’t as if she asked him for the key and he denied her. He just never thought of giving her one and to her that meant he would never love her and be the man she needed.

I only have two words to tell this heroine: GROW UP.

You cannot expect a man who has issues with commitment to declare himself after 3 months. You cannot expect a man to read your mind and know what you want or need. You cannot assume that he doesn’t care for you because he doesn’t see certain gestures in the same light as you. If you really loved him, you would tell him what you need and then give him the chance to prove himself and not go wail because he’s human and needs his space!

After all this stupidity happening at the last minute, the ending was very rushed. It felt as if the hero was backed in a corner and gave in because he didn’t want to lose everybody’s friendship. This, as you can imagine, was the antithesis of romantic.

Angela Dawe, the narrator, did a very good job. All voices of the ladies were distinct but still pleasant. The male voices weren’t great but at least they weren’t annoying. When I’m ready to continue the series, I’ll definitely listen to the audiobooks.

Overall, I don’t think this book added much to the series so if you are really are interested what happen to the rest of the gals, feel free to skip this one.