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Laughed and cried

Live Bait (Monkeewrench Mysteries) - P. J. Tracy

Awesome, awesome book. As usual with this series, I laughed a lot (the characters are so damned funny) but I also cried my ass off. There were some very moving parts in this book.

The mystery was really good but the overall theme of of the story had a deeper message: the nature of right and wrong, and how good people can do terrible things for what they think are the right reasons.

I loved the progression of the relationship between Magozzi and Grace. With her past, it's obvious that she just couldn't become 'normal' overnight and I'm glad that her steps to recovery were addressed.

And now we come to my favorite character in this series. I <3 Gino! This is the second book I've read in a row with an amazing best friend (and in this case also partner) and it doesn't get old. Gino is so freaking funny - he would say things that had me laughing hysterically - and sweet at the same time. Like when he asked Grace what where her intentions with Magozzi. The way he put it was simply hysterical but it also showed that he much he cared about his friend.

As usual, Buck Schirner nailed the narration. I don't usually listen books in a series back to back but I'm really tempted with this one. That tells you how much I enjoyed this book. :)