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The Murder at the Vicarage (Audiocd) - James Saxon, Agatha Christie I started reading Agatha Christie when I was a teenager and read most of the books out of order and in Spanish. I figured I owed it to myself to make sure I read them in the language they were written and in the order she wrote them so I could understand a progression of the detectives.This is one of those mysteries that's built around the alibis - who was where at that time - so there's a lot of discussion of time. I like logical stories (specially in mysteries) so this didn't bother me much but I could understand that this may not be everybody's cup of tea. I thoroughly enjoyed how the story was told from the Vicar's point of view. He's internal musings about other people (way more acerbic than a man of the cloth should put forth) were just hysterical. Although it took some time to get used to the narrator (there was something about his voice that I didn't enjoy at the beginning), listening to the audiobook definitely contributed to my enjoyment. I'll definitely try to continue listening to the rest.Overall, a very interesting start to the series and I'm looking forward to more. :)