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Murders with moral dilemmas

Snow Blind - P.J. Tracy, Mel Foster

Murders with moral dilemmas have become the trademark of this series. Snow Blind wasn't as satisfying as the previous ones mostly because of the way it ended and because way too much of the time was spent in Iris' head, who I didn't care for at all. I also wondered how 3 different generations of women in the same family managed to pick (view spoiler) as husbands. If that happened in my family, I would think we have to take a close look at ourselves.

Mel Foster did a very good job with the narration. It was obvious he worked so the voices sounded similar to Schirner's narration. At the beginning I could feel the difference but those things faded after a while.

Overall, a decent book but definitely not as good as previous ones. Still, it was worth the read, specially because of Gino, which is among my favorite fiction characters, ever. :)