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Audiobook Review: Hard and Fast

Hard and Fast  - Erin McCarthy, Emily Durante

Still an enjoyable read but I didn't like it as much as the first. Maybe because the conflict wasn't that interesting or because I felt their relationship moved too fast, I don't know.

Imogen was a very unique heroine to say the least. She was very logical and would discuss the most embarrassing things in a matter of fact tone. She was also very wordy and would go on and on about the most minute things so her conversations would sometimes border on boring. Ty found all this very refreshing so I knew why he liked her, but I don't know that I can tell why she liked him back. Yes, he was hot, good in bed and he made an effort to try somethings she liked (which I found touching) but she was so a control freak that I didn't see that working long term. I just didn't feel it.

Also, I couldn't believe that Imogen had had 'hot and heavy' affairs in the past. She's the kind of person who overanalizes everything and she herself said how Ty was the only one who made her forget herself. How can you enjoy yourself in bed when you're dissecting everything that's going on is beyond me.

As a person who knew absolutely nothing about NASCAR, it was very interesting to learn how the whole thing works. It's obvious that the author did a very thorough research when she started this series because you really feel as if you're inside that world.

I'm definitely continuing the series in audio.