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A must read if you want to learn how to fight robots

How to Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion - Daniel H. Wilson, Stefan Rudnicki

After reading this, I realized that if the robots rebel, I'm screwed.

How to Survive a Robot Uprising is a very amusing compendium of different types of robots and how you can fight them when the need arises. Among other things, tips include how to escape from smart houses and fight snake robots (for real.) Sadly though, fighting the robots will too hard for me - basically, you'll have to live in caves - so I guess I'll have to betray the human race and join our robot foe (I like my comforts too much to give them up.)

The narration by Stefan Rudnicki was just hysterical. He was just perfect, definitely tongue in cheek. When he said 'how could Hollywood be so wrong' in that tone of voice which implied we were crazy for doubting the movies, I almost burst a lung laughing.

The book includes information on real robots which sometimes got a bit technical so it may not be the cup of tea of somebody not into the topic. But hey, I laughed and I learned so at the end, I couldn't have asked for more.