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Intellectually dishonest

Kiss Me While I Sleep - Linda Howard, Joyce Bean and Dick Hill

I'm giving two stars to this book because it was intellectually dishonest. Am I supposed to believe that a person who chooses to become an assassin for a living is a good person? I couldn't believe the justifications of the main character. She wasn't haunted by the lives she had taken because she hoped her government had made the right decision of killing only "bad guys." What an oversimplification!

If I ever found myself with the necessity of having a kill a person, I wouldn't trust anybody to make that decision for me, not even my husband or my father who are the most honest men I know. How could this woman trust a shadowy person (whose name she didn't even know) to decide who lived or died, supposedly for the good of humankind? Give me a break. A woman that smart cannot be that gullible, so obviously she liked being an assassin or at least she liked the lifestyle and all the big money she got. If she really believed in serving her country with honor, she would have enlisted.Lily was so outraged that Zia was killed but never acknowledged that when you do illegal stuff, YOU put your children in danger. It was her friends' fault as it was hers that Zia died. You don't tangle with powerful criminal organizations and then expect them to respect the life of your children when they find you out. That's why you shouldn't do stupid shit like that.

Besides my lack of respect for the main character and hoping she would drop dead in a ditch, the action was OK. I liked Swain and how cheerful he was but that was about it. I found out the mastermind of the whole thing before it was revealed so I wasn't surprised when it came out.

It took me a while to get used to the dual narration, mostly because Dick Hill sounded a bit too old for Swain (thankfully, none of the love scenes were from his POV! I was dreading that.) Once I got pass that, I enjoyed the narration better. It definitely sounded more natural.

Not recommending this book at all, either in print or audio, because I loathed the main character's justifications.