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Didn't understand the relationship

Hot Finish  - Erin McCarthy, Emily Durante

Hot Finish was well...really hot but that's the best thing about the book. I really didn't understand the relationship between the leads and why they broke up so at the end I couldn't understand how they got back together. The worst part though was how contemptuous everybody was of a character, just because she was dumb. It was distasteful how she became the butt of so many jokes. I understand that all of us have unkind thoughts of other people. You wonder how that hot woman could be in love with that dorky guy, or whether that fat man should be wearing those tight pants, or how many plastic surgeries has that old woman had. But if you are constantly criticizing a person because of their weight/looks/clothes, then something's wrong with YOU. In this book, EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOTHER comments on how dumb Nikki is. The heroine in particular goes on and on and on about it - at some point, she even says that 'it wasn't Nikki's fault that her breasts were 10 times bigger than her brain' (which I thought was particularly disgusting). Now, Suzanne was a wedding planner in charge of Nikki's wedding and Nikki had some bridezilla moments but Suzanne was very inpatient most of the time and would try to push Nikki to do things that were convenient for Suzanne (how unprofessional is that?)


Putting a person down because of lack of looks, brains, money, etc. is a shitty thing to do. Just because a person is not smart doesn't mean that they don't have other good qualities. At the end, it turned out that Nikki was braver than Suzanne because she was willing to accept the good things in her life and didn't let pride or stupidity get in her way of the relationship - just like Suzanne had done. Given that Suzanne spent the whole book putting Nikki down I would have wished she had acknowledged how in some situations, Nikki was superior than her but that never happened.

The relationship between the leads was a bit baffling. They supposedly never fell out of love but in previous books they didn't seem to have any feelings for each other. They seemed to have the same communication problems they had the first time around so I'm not sure how they thought everything would be different now.

The audio was really good though so if I find the next book in the library, I will pick it up. Otherwise, I don't think I'll go out of my way to read it.