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Over the top narrator..read instead

Lord of the Fading Lands  - C.L. Wilson, Stephanie Riggio

If I had read this book instead of listening to the audio, I would have enjoyed it more. The narration seemed appropriate at the beginning but as I got to the know the characters and understand the world, I realized the narrator was too over the top. You see, the writing in this book is very lavish so I think it needed a more understated approach so the words would shine. As it was, it sounded like a person eating chocolate and going 'mmmmm' with every bite (understandable at the beginning but totally grating by the end.)

Ellysetta's apologetic tone almost made me want to kill her. EVERYTHING she said sounded as if she was wringing her hands and apologizing - I know she was young and had a lot of misgivings but sometimes the words she said didn't match the narrator's tone. Also, the villains all sounded too casual, as if they were having a pint at the pub.I like the world and some of the poems at the beginning of the chapters but felt the book was too long and at the end nothing was resolved. I know there are 5 books in this series but even in books that have an ongoing arc, I expect each book to have a particular story that is resolved. Besides Ellysetta's and Rain's POV, we also had to hear the POV of 4 different enemies of them both - which got absolutely tiresome. I hope at least one of them is taken care of in the next book.

I'm glad Ms. Riggio won't be narrating any of the following books. Regardless, I think I'll read the next book instead of listening, just to see if this is one of those series that it's better in print than in audio.