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Most unromantic book I've read this year

Hunting Julian - Jacquelyn Frank, Xe Sands


This is probably the most unromantic book I've read this year. There was just so much fighting between the characters and through most of the book, the heroine treated the hero like she didn't give a flying f*ck about him, trampling on his feelings when the guy obviously felt a deep connection with her. Not that I blame her, because being kidnapped and taken into a horrible world with very strict laws for the purpose of feeding people with her energy would have made me batty as well. I understand why she was so bitter and angry but it didn't make for a great romance.This woman kept saying how she wasn't into relationships or feelings and she was so disconnected that she came out as a bit of a sociopath (in the sense that she didn't seem to care much.) It always amazes me in romance when supposedly strong women are not willing to risk their heart in a relationship or at least give it a shot. She kept giving the guy the stiff arm without even trying to figure out if she could feel something for him. And before you ask, it wasn't as if she had had a troubled relationship in the past that didn't allow her to get close, she just seemed to be more of a selfish jerk.


Xe Sands did a good job with the narration although the hero sounded like he was in pain - he was sometimes but not always like he was portrayed. I'll listen to another one of her books though because I like how easy her style flows.

This is the second book I've read by Jacquelyn Frank and I haven't loved any of them so I think this is it for me. Unless a book by her comes with glowing recommendations, I won't be reading her again.