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What happened to old fashioned kidnapping?

Forged in Fire - Trish McCallan, Angela Dawe

Forged in Fire is a messy mix of PNR and Romantic Suspense that needed the reader to suspend disbelief way too much for it to work out. Am I to believe that post 9/11, some villains will resort to hijacking a plane to get their hands on some people? What happened to old fashioned kidnapping?

Sadly for the villains, their "fool-proof" plan was foiled by the psychic dreams/visions of our hero and heroine who happened to be fated mates. Even though their assertions are pretty crazy, they are believed enough that the plane is grounded. But that doesn't deter our handy villains. Oh no! Almost immediately, they resort to a plan B that revolves around leveraging some hostages. Again I ask myself, if you don't mind kidnapping people, why not kidnap the people you really want to get your hands on? (The excuse given for this was totally crazy.)The relationship and the action in this book was very bland. The rescue is actually very detailed and sort of made sense but it went on too long. I wasn't crazy about the end which I understand was changed. I think I have the original freebie so I'll check it out to see how it differed.

Angela Dawe was good with the narration and she was the main reason I got the audio. But I'm not sure the book is worth the time.

Definitely not continuing the series.(less)