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Hunted was a definite treat

Hunted - Kevin Hearne, Luke Daniels

Hunted was a definite treat. Fast paced and incredibly exciting, it’s a great addition to the series.

The plot was very exciting, with several twists that were freaking unbelievable. I promise you’ll be at the edge of your seat while reading/listening. The beginning was one of the best in the whole series and I teared up by what happened at the beginning and around 1/3 in. I’m glad we were able to see some emotional pain from Atticus. Don’t get me wrong, I love that the series is lighthearted, but you cannot live 2000+ years without some pain and I’m glad we saw some of that.I think the book had problems with pacing though. There was so much running around at the beginning – I was so tired on their behalf…I just kept thinking ‘can you please rest a bit?’ – that the end fell a bit flat. I did like it better than the last one because we saw some two very emotional scenes and I think that’s been missing from the series.

It was great to have Granuaile’s POV. It gave me a different perspective on Atticus’ character and it was interesting to see her take on being a Druid. Also, I loved how kick-ass she’s become! She’s definitely holding her own. One thing that bothered me about her character was her penchant to play the disapproving Mommy when men were making off-color jokes. None of the jokes were malicious so I didn’t like her role as ‘defender of womanhood.’ It made her seem like she had a stick up you know what.

As usual, Luke Daniels was awesome. He can do the accents, women’s voices, the serious parts, the funny ones. This is definitely one of the best series in audio out there. If you’ve never listened to an audiobook and are curious, please try this one out. You will thank me for the recommendation.