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Envy - Sandra Brown, Victor Slezak

This is a terrific romantic suspense book with one of the most despicable villains I've ever had the misfortune to find in fiction. There were tons of good twists and at times I was truly afraid that the villain would get away with murder but just when you thought everybody was well and truly f*cked, something would happen that would put the villain in his place.

I won't go into detail about the plot or characters because for the first couple of chapters the reader doesn't know who's the villain and who's the hero (you can find out if you hunt around for a description but I liked not knowing for sure.) As usual with Sandra Brown, there are several POVs, intertwined with the chapters of "Envy" a book the heroine is editing (sort of a book within a book.) The author skillfully ties the narrative in this book so it gives you hints of the overall arc without revealing everything upfront. As somebody who is not familiar with the book writing process, I found all the discussions about writing, editing and publishing very interesting and I felt they didn't detract at all from the plot, but on the contrary, they gave you a hint about several important twists in the book.

This book doesn't get 5 stars because I thought we needed an epilogue, mostly to make sure the villain got what he deserved. This guy was just soo slippery that I wished we knew for certain that he paid for all his crimes.

Victor Slezak kicked ass with the narration. He has that tough guy voice that's just perfect for Sandra Brown's heroes.

Overall, an excellent book which I recommend to all lovers of romantic suspense.