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Crazy but enthralling

The Witness - Sandra Brown, Joyce Bean

Review of audiobook version narrated by Joyce Bean.


What a crazy book! I don’t know that I’ve ever been so enthralled by a plot that I ultimately found silly. The audiobook is 13+ hrs long and I listened to it in less than a day so you can tell how absorbed I was by the story. The action was exciting, there was incredible chemistry between the main leads and there were a lot of good twists. The big problem? Very little of the book dealt with the relationship between the hero and heroine (if I have to put a number, I’d say 30% tops) and there were so many POVs that it’s a wonder I could keep everybody straight.

As the story is unfolding, the atmosphere is sinister and frightening. But once you find out what’s going on and the villains reveal their motives, they become caricaturish and so evil as to be laughable. I have to say I chuckled a few times with the villain’s antics which seemed to scream: Look at me! I’m eeeeeevil!

Also there was a twist at the end that was completely unnecessary and gave me my biggest WTF moment. The author gives a few clues along the way but it’s something you would never imagine because it’s totally crazy and would only have made sense if the book had been set in the 50s (which is not.)

As usual, Joyce Bean did an excellent job with the narration (I picked up the book because she was the reader in the first place.) Even though the book left me unsatisfied with the romance – the hero was so interesting and I feel the story didn’t do him justice - I cannot say I regret listening to it because it kept me at the edge of my seat.

Overall, an exciting read but more appropriate for mystery/suspense readers than don’t care too much for the romance.