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Darkness Dawns (Immortal Guardians)

Darkness Dawns - Dianne Duvall **2.5 stars**This was a really maudlin read. At the beginning I was enjoying it because it seemed both the hero and heroine acted sort of normal -she wasn't annoyingly feisty and got freaked out by the whole vampire thing - but then we got a rant on organic food and the book turned so maudlin that I rolled my eyes every few lines.Roland and Sara meet when she saves his life. A enemy of Roland's is after him and Sara gets embroiled in the fight when she saves him. She's shocked and afraid when she discovers what he is but once she understand that he's one of the good guys, she quickly gets used to the idea.Roland is supposed to be this lonely guy tormented by all the betrayals in his life but he comes across as sort of emo. He starts trusting Sara very quickly - I know she saved his life but still - and they are confessing their undying love within a couple of days. However, they both fear what will happen when she grows old as there are only a few special people who can be transformed and nothing about her says she's one of them. This issue was resolved a bit too conviniently for my taste.The idea that all these Immortals can only target guilty people was a bit ludicrous. The author made a point of explaining how all these people they killed weren't good and it just made the story really silly. Who appointed them judge and jury anyhow? Kirsten Potter rocked the narration. She's great with the accents and different voices that sometimes you forget it's a woman speaking. Her characterization is very good as well - I just wished the book was better!Not sure I'll continue the series unless my friends tell me otherwise.