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Very original concept

Mind Games - Carolyn Crane

What an original concept! A hypochondriac heroine that joins a psychological hit squad? You can definitely say I've never read anything even close to that before.

Justine is funny, caring and nice but she has a big problem: she's a hypochondriac and she's obsessed that a vessel in her brain will explode and kill her. She's constantly reviewing symptoms, going to the ER to get herself checked, discussing medical procedures and her 'condition' is advancing. Then she meets Packard, a man who offers a reprieve from her hypochondria and all the fear. She doesn't like what she has to do but she figures she can get out easily enough but that meanwhile, she'll have the opportunity to be normal, which is what she's always wanted to be in her life.

Although Justine has tons of great qualities, she's not very easy to like. The hypochondria would drive anybody up a wall - and has pushed all her boyfriends and friends away - but she's also too naive. She hasn't realized that everything in life has a price, and the more you want something or the rarer it is, the higher the price. Honest people look at the price tag beforehand, decide whether they are willing to pay the price and live with the consequences. But Justine, alas, likes to deceive herself into thinking that she can have it all. But how could she think she would get the thing she wanted most in her life without giving up something?

That's why I didn't feel bad for her when she realized what she gotten up and didn't blame Packard at all - I actually still liked him a lot and would have done the same thing. She should have realized that you don't get into such a dangerous profession without asking LOTS of questions but like most people, she's not honest with herself and prefers to blame others.

I was surprised how things turned out at the end because I really didn't trust she knew what she was doing. Although things worked out at the end for her, I still think she's being dishonest with herself and needs to be disillusioned from all her fairy tales. I really hope this is where this is going because otherwise, I'd be really mad!