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Lord Edgware Dies: A Hercule Poirot Mystery

Lord Edgware Dies - Agatha Christie I don't remember if I've ever read this book in the past but I remember watching the movie version on TV so I knew who was the murderer. As usual, I really enjoyed how the author gave you some clues from the beginning and hoodwinked you with certain details.Two things to note: first, the cover has NOTHING to do with this story. I like these new covers but they usually refer to something about the plot. In this case, none at all. Nobody was killed with a gun (and there are several dead bodies here) so I have the impression that somebody made a mistake and gave this cover to the wrong book.Also as I read the denouement, I found out that Ms. Christie recycled the clue to this plot in [b:Why Didn't They Ask Evans?|982223|Why Didn't They Ask Evans?|Agatha Christie|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1309306941s/982223.jpg|894910], one of my favorite standalones by her. Finding out these little details is one of the pleasures of re-reading all these books. :)