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DNF - Numbers

Num8ers (Numbers) - Rachel Ward

This book is really about two poor teenagers from London's projects. The business of the numbers is just a hook and so far it has had little to do with the plot, besides giving them an excuse to be on the run.

Jem is a run of the mill teenager: she's punkish, mistrustful, sour and not very smart - so far I listened a third of the way of the book and she's never wondered why she sees the numbers, can she do something to change the outcome, should she do something, etc. Most of her problems have little to do with the numbers but with the fact that she's had a tough childhood and nobody that cares around her. Sadly, she's not the only person in the world to have suffered that fate but that doesn't automatically make her interesting. She's done nothing that would make her stand out in my eyes with the exception of the numbers business but so far, there's very little discussion about that and I'm tired of waiting.

Maybe if I've read the book instead of listening I might have given it a chance. I've listened to books with tough teenagers but usually the tough persona is for the world...when they are alone and we can hear their thoughts, they are softer. This Jem sounds like a tough biker almost every minute of the narration, which makes it very tiresome.