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DNF - Simon Says

Simon Says - Lori Foster

This heroine got on my nerves. First she got violent with a man because he was disrespectful to her. Note to women: you should NEVER hit a man with the expectation that he won't hit you back or that another man will come to defend you. If you are stupid enough to resort to violent with somebody stronger than you, be ready to suffer the consequences.

Also, the heroine is pushing the hero to take a very personal decision and not respecting his feelings about the matter, because she want to stop feeling guilty about the mistakes of her past. You know what? GROW UP. NOTHING YOU DO WILL ERASE THE FUCKUPS OF THE PAST so you just have to learn to live with them. Beating your chest like a martyr, feeling guilty and then pushing people do do things they don't want is not a way to learn.