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My First Mystery

Murder on the Orient Express (A Hercule Poirot Mystery) - Agatha Christie

I read Murder on the Orient Express (in Spanish) for the first time when I was 12. It was my first mystery ever and I remember thinking it was boring. I kept at it though and my reward was the shocking denouement. Thus started my love for the mystery genre and Agatha Christie in particular. I've always rated this book 3-stars (I really think it's not the best by Mrs. Christie) but a book that converts you into a genre definitely deserves more than that!

The narration of this audiobook is SUPERB. David Suchet plays Monsieur Poirot in the British TV series (his face is this particular cover) so obviously he understands the plots and the characters very well. His natural speaking voice is beautiful and he did a great job with all the accents. Something I didn't remember about this book was that there were tons of different nationalities (English, French, American, Italian, Swedish, Russian and more.) Not all the accents were perfect but they were good enough to give you a flavor for the characters. Oddly, his voice for Poirot was different than the one in the most recent episodes of the TV series but this was recorded in 1989 so I guess he's made some changes to his performance after that.

One of the most interesting parts of doing these re-reads is that you get to understand how Mrs. Christie takes a kernel of an idea from one book and develops it into another. As such, I noticed two phrases that are behind the plots of And Then There Were None and Three Act Tragedy (view spoiler) (these are big spoilers which give hints to the murderer in those books so please don't click willy nilly.)

I'm so looking forward to continue my re-read in audio of the next of the series.