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Boring, maddening but with great narration

Dark Needs at Night's Edge - Kresley Cole

**2 stars for plot and 1 bonus star for narration**

Everybody who has read my reviews of this series knows I'm still going because I love the narration not because I like the books. This one was the worst of the lot. As usual, there was a lot of corny dialogue and the hero was almost the same as previous ones but the solution to the conflict was mind boggling and unbelievable even for PNR standards.

The first part of the book was really boring because there was little action and neither Conrad nor Néomi were THAT different or interesting. The second part is more exciting but some parts are really maddening - at some point, Néomi is in terrible danger and Conrad saves her using the most convoluted route, involving talking and talking and talking!

Robert Petkoff was amazing as usual (I probably would have dnfed it if it weren't for him.) I may continue the series because I have higher hopes for the next book but I think I'll schedule my listen when I'm in a really bad streak. Listening to this book after the Kate Daniels series just served to pinpoint the holes in the world building.