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Magic, zombies and early 20th century technology

Sabriel  - Garth Nix

If I tell you that this book had magic, zombies and early 20th century technology, I'm sure your reaction will be: WTH? But believe it or not, the author managed to create a cohesive world that seamlessly mixes all these elements in a way that makes sense.

The first part of the book was a bit slow because it was mostly Sabriel on her own. But once she gets some companions (a talking cat and a fellow mage), things become more interesting. Mogget (the cat) is particularly witty and Touchstone (the mage) is full of secrets, begging to be uncovered.

Tim Curry was marvelous as the narrator. His pacing, voices of different characters and emotions were right on point. His voice is also very soothing but powerful at the same time so it really conveyed that magical feeling you would expect in fantasy.

This is definitely a trilogy that I will be continuing...in fact, I'm having trouble stopping myself from starting the next book right away.