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Serial Killer in the time of Henry VIII

Revelation (Matthew Shardlake #4) - C.J. Sansom

Revelation has been, so far, the book I've liked the least in the series. In general I don't like serial killer plots - I think they are cop out because at the end you can pick almost anybody to be the killer and they always seem to be able to do crazy things without anybody catching them. However, I have to say I was wrong on who the killer was. I had somebody else completely different in mind.

It was interesting though that the story centered about different kinds of mental illnesses and how the medieval characters were trying to puzzle them out.

I switched to audio for this book - something I rarely do - but I really enjoyed the narration. Mr. Crossley definitely has a good handle on different voices and accents - I didn't imagine Barak sounding so rough but it definitely suited him.

Definitely looking forward to the next in the series. I will definitely won't wait 3 more years to continue!