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Rant Review: Immortal Rider

Immortal Rider  - Larissa Ione


This one star rating is not because the main plot but because of a sub plot that led to book #3 in the series. On it's own, this book was OK even if I found the business of unconditional love a bit dubious given what Limos had done..."so you were responsible for the death of my children? Of course I forgive you!!"

My main gripe with this book is that it had one of the most disgusting setups for a couple I've seen. I was so full of rage when I finished reading that I couldn't sleep at all. So what happened in this book that disturbed me so?


(show spoiler)

Yup. The rapist and the victim, together for ever and ever.

Shocked yet? Well, there's a twist that makes it OK in the eyes of Ms. Ione. Because in this case, the WOMAN RAPED THE GUY.

How could this be, you may wonder? It's very simple.
- She drugged him.
- She restrained him.
- She rode him like a pony while the guy said no over and over and over.

I was so disgusted by this scene that I doubt I'll read any book by Ms. Ione again.

Worse, NOBODY in the freaking book came to the guy's defense. Several characters had the GALL to say that he got laid, what's the problem? Like a man doesn't have the right to decide where he puts his penis or whether or not he wants to father a child with a particular woman.

Oh yes, that's the cherry on top. The goal of this rape was to get the man to father a child to "save the world". Yes, these people, who ARE SUPPOSEDLY the good guys, created a baby, without the consent of his father, to use him for who knows what purposes and then throw him aside when they're done with him to be reared by SOMEBODY ELSE. Yes, the rapist is not even going to keep the child or even tell the father, hey you, I had a baby when I raped you, do you want it?

But you may say...that's not the way it was! There were some attenuating circumstances! She did it to save the world! She didn't know the wine was drugged! She didn't know she had restrained him! She didn't realize he meant it when he said no! But those are excuses. First, if the goal was to save the world, why didn't they ask him? Why did they have to go against his back? (The scroll didn't say the baby had to be conceived in secret.) Second, she knew the wine had some magic and she didn't know what kind, that's why she didn't want to drink it in the first place. Third, she knew that her ability came out during sex and that's why she wasn't having any. But the most important thing is that the man told her repeatedly NO OVER AND OVER. That should have been enough for her to stop.

Women have been dealing with double standards for a long time and if we want to get rid of them, we shouldn't do it ourselves. If it's wrong for a man to take a woman without her consent, then it's wrong for a woman to do the same. Or do we think that equality means that now we have the right to trample and violate men?

Obviously, I won't be reading the next book in the series. I never got the point of fan fiction, but I'm tempted to write one myself where the rapist gets what she deserves.